Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Free Training, Create Highly Effective Social Media Strategy in 60 minutes!

How to Create Your Own Easy to Implement & Highly Effective Social Media Strategy in Just One hour!

Thursday Evening, September 12th
9PM Eastern, 8PM Central, 7PM Mountain, 6PM Pacific

Curt Maly is back to teach you how to MAXIMIZE your social media marketing efforts with PROVEN strategies to "copy, paste" your way to BIG profits.

You'll learn...
  • Insights from a "$100 Million Dollar Man" how to quickly and easily build you social media strategy
  • How to create a super simple and highly effective social plan that will work organically (or put it on steroids in conjunction with Curt’s PPC training)
  • How you can build your online brand that requires NO original ideas, NO copy writing experience, and almost ZERO skill
  • How to leverage “copy & paste” + proven viral content to quickly build your online presence
  • The #1 strategy Curt uses with his client to ensure success and profitability each and every month!
Don't waste your time chasing the wrong prospects! Register now for Curt's presentation and learn how to get the most from your advertising budget!

About Curt Maly:
Curt co-founded “Black Box Social Media” a company dedicated to assisting other business owners with their online marketing efforts. Curt is also co-founder of Social Media in 7 Minutes, a step by step guide that shows business owners how to set up, run and profit from online marketing and social media in just 7 minutes per day.

Click here to register for Thursday night's presentation!

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